Longer Hair Coat

Stan and Beatrice Jenkins are the proud owners of these cute ankle biters.


Not only do Stan and Beatrice feed, groom, play with and care for their precious pets excellently, they also make sure their dogs have the required License Tags and even Name and Address Tags on their collars. These tags will go a long ways in getting their pets returned to them should they go missing or become lost. They also have made sure to keep pictures on hand of their beautiful pets with clipped short hair coats and with long, unclipped hair coats. Why is this a good thing for pet owners to do? Because if they go missing, become lost or are stolen, those pictures both should go on the Lost Posters you will be putting up in the neighborhood, both pictures should be left at Vet Clinics, Humane Societies and Animal Shelters. It is only a few short weeks before a clipped coat grows out making your pet no longer resemble that photo. And someone picking up your lost pet who is in need of a clipping may do so resulting in the dog now having no resemblance to the unclipped picture.

As many pets go missing while away from their home with their owners on holidays, etc, an owner should always take these pictures with them to show people and make up posters in that town or location if the dog was to go missing. And those Tags means anyone finding your pet can track down the rightful owners. The photos are especially important if the dog has it's collar removed, loses its collar or no one can get close enough to the often, very frightened lost dog to catch it.

Thank you Stan and Beatrice for being caring dog owners.

Clipped Hair Coat
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