Artificial Respiration If A Dog Is Not Breathing and CPR

To start your dog breathing again you will need to do mouth-to-nose respiration. The dog's mouth should be sealed tightly closed using two hands, then the person's mouth should be placed firmly around the dog's nose. With gentle blowing into the nose for several seconds eight to ten times per minute, the dog may begin to breathe on it's own.

Once the dog starts breathing you should get the animal to your veterinarian.


If your dog's not breathing and its heart is not beating, you will want to try CPR.

CPR is a combination of heart massage and artificial respiration.

The dog should be put on its right side on a hard surface. The animal's airway should be cleared by pulling out the tongue and checking inside the mouth and throat before beginning (for anything lodged in the throat).

First, mouth-to-nose resuscitation should be performed. (see above)

If there is still no heartbeat, heart message can be performed. A dog's heart is located in the chest just behind the front legs.

With pressure appropriate for the dog's size, the heels of both hands should compress the dog's chest and then release it. This should be repeated rapidly, six to ten times, then mouth-to-nose resuscitation repeated.

If no pulse is felt the process may be repeated, but if no positive results are seen after about ten minutes the process is probably not going to work.

If possible while performing the CPR you should have someone trying to obtain veterinary help.

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