Looking for a Lost Dog

MYTH: I boarded my 5 year old, female, large breed dog in a neighbouring small town while I was going to be gone for a few days? The first night they had her, they left a gate open and she escaped. Because she is a super friendly dog, who will go to anyone, someone is probably already keeping her against her will? What should I do?

FACT: Super friendly or not, the dog will not be as trusting as you may think of strangers in this situation. She is probably on the move, trying to get home, to get to Somewhere or to Someone she recognizes. She may approach humans, then slink away. She may approach humans for food or water, one wrong move on that human’s part and she is gone like a shot. She may hang around within a certain radius looking for her home or may light out and travel. Often, they do travel roughly in the right direction, their 6th sense helping them.

NOW, get a picture of her laser printed on LOST posters and get them hung up near Gas stations, schools, stores, wherever the general public will see it. Hang these posters up at the location she was lost, her hometown and also surrounding towns. Contact the SPCA, the Police Department (if a small or rural community), all Vet clinics, all animal shelters and YES, the local radio station and put ads in the local Newspapers. And contact the SPCA, the Police (if a small or rural community), Vets, Animal shelters each and every day. EVERY DAY, without fail. Don't ever forget, that if picked up, she may only (AS A STRAY) have a couple of days to live in animal shelters, pounds, etc.

She is probably on the move. Lost, lonely and scared. If not buddied up with a kind and caring person or at least having access to food and shelter, she is on the move.

If at all possible, offer a REWARD on the posters, over the radio, in the newspapers, etc. Even if someone is keeping her on their property, usually they will respond to a person’s efforts to get the dog returned to them. No posters, no ads, nothing, then they may very well think no one cares about the dog and keep it for sure or worse case scenario, have it destroyed as unwanted because they can’t keep it forever.


Looking For A Lost Puppy (Part Two)

"Such a Sweet Puppy, But She Never Had A Chance." See her story below.

I raised this puppy and her two sisters myself. I sold her at 3 months old. If I had known the hellish way her young life would end, I would never have let these people have her.

Girl puppy (1) Now named Sophia and has a wonderful home with Stan and Beatrice J.

Girl puppy (2) Now named Peaches and is loved and spoiled by Olga S., her husband and son.

Girl puppy (3) Froze to death!!! Her owners couldn’t be bothered to look more than a couple of hours for her after leaving her outside at a strange place. They know so much about dogs, but they went to someone else’s home in the country and left a tiny puppy outside in the bitter cold while they visited in the warm house.


FACT: Puppies that wander away ALMOST ALWAYS try to go back HOME (but since their 6th sense which give older animals the ability to go in the right direction is not fully developed yet), go in any direction. They also generally travel in a semi circle, meaning they do not leave the entire vicinity. They go into hiding rather quickly under buildings, vehicles, bushes, thick grass or weeds, anything. If unable to get under these objects, they curl up with their backs to trees, posts, logs, rocks, anything, which is a natural instinct to protect themselves from attack from the rear. Frightened and lost they also revert to natural instinct, which is to NOT answer or bark when called. NOTE: Puppies that are not weaned yet or only recently weaned will still whimper and cry in distress, hoping their mother hears them. But even they may become silent when someone approaches or calls out. They instinctively remain motionless and silent so that predators do not see or hear them. Once lost and scared, you may be nothing but a dangerous predator to them in their confused minds. OF COURSE, people go on looking in open spaces for them or just calling for them (the pup does not come or answer so they think the pup isn't there). So they give up!!! They may have walked by that puppy, within a few feet of it but they never bothered to look anywhere but the most convenient places.

This puppy did not have to freeze to death. Shame on these people who couldn’t be bothered to look hard enough or long enough for this poor, wee puppy. So they looked for a couple of hours, they didn’t see it in the open and it didn’t answer so they gave up. And she died a horrible death.

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