MYTH: This is not the first dog I have owned. My other ones always went to their crate (Dog Kennel) when told to. They just stayed in it until I was ready to let them out. This young, 11 week old pup was fine the first couple of weeks I had her, but now fights being put in it and barks and howls all night long. We have been getting so upset with her, we now get out of bed and stick the kennel with her in it out in the garage. There, we do not really hear her crying and carrying on. We tried first, just getting up and talking to her but that just made it worse. We do not want her going to the bathroom in the house while we are trying to sleep or causing havoc with stuff. Why is she like this, should we perhaps punish her and make her accept the crate (kennel)? She is getting really weird over this? Is she just a bad breed of dog? She seems to love us very much and does not want to be away from us?

FACT: Some dogs find the crate to be nothing more than a PRISON CELL. These dogs do poorly if continually placed in the dreaded crate. Even their normal Socialization gets out of whack. Some end up as excessively SHY adults and TIMID Creatures. Others end up being overly AGGRESSIVE as adults. Many times it is only one pup out of the litter who hates Confinement. NO TWO DOGS OR ANY ANIMAL WERE CREATED EQUAL. THEY ARE ALL SEPARATE INDIVIDUALS.

I do know one mistake you are making. And that is placing that dreaded crate (which she already hates) in the garage. This is removing her from being in close proximity to her BELOVED humans who she feels, she desperately needs to be with. This will make matters a hundred times worse.

I have many dogs. I block access to all areas (especially ones with carpeting) so they are contained in the kitchen as puppies on linoleum. Although it is inconvenient for me at times, no electrical cords, boots, garbage cans that can be tipped over, all these things are removed or placed high up so the puppies and young adults cannot reach them. They have a bed, toys, chew bones to occupy themselves. Food and water down of course.

First person who gets up in the morning puts them out to the bathroom, then often during the day and last thing at night.

For the ones who want to continually cry and bark because they miss me, I ignore completely. Not a word spoken, no getting up out of bed for any reason, I suffer in silence. NO RESPONSE FROM ME AT ALL. NOTHING, as if I do not hear them. THEY always stop IF TOTALLY IGNORED within a week MAXIMUM. No talking to your mate either, the dog hears that and considers any talking as a response. Because even hollering at them or anything is a response from their humans, (one they feel they desperately need from their humans) so they keep at it. No Response, they give up. Of course, it goes without saying, you do not go to them to offer sympathy and you sure don’t go to them to punish them. Totally Ignoring Them Works Every time. If you don’t have the patience for doing that, then please be kind enough to find another home for the dog with someone who does have the patience to train a dog in all respects.


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