MYTH: The birth defect, which is called "Collapsed Nostrils" only happens in the breeds, Bulldogs and Pekinese?

FACT: This is a birth defect that can occur in all short nosed puppies. Especially Bulldogs and Pekinese BUT also is found quite often in such breeds as Shih Tzus.

Collapsed Nostrils is correctly called STENOTIC NARES. The cartilages of the nostril are to soft. When the puppy breathes in, the nostrils collapse, shutting off air. In severe cases the chest is flattened from front to back. There is a nasal discharge that is sometimes watery, foamy and accompanied by snorting. These puppies breathe through their mouths when excited or exercising. Because of lack of air, they are unthrifty. The worst case ones may attempt to sleep propped up against a wall or the side of their kennel, because breathing is so strenuous while laying down with their chests compressed.

A percentage of such puppies do seem to get better as they mature. By around 5 months old, there appears to be enough improvement in their nostrils to allow them to avoid surgery. They may always tire easily though and should not be over exerted by long, hard play or walks. All situations which can cause over heating should be avoided as they may not be able to draw in enough air while panting hard to cool and regulate their body temperature.

Surgery involves removing a portion of the Nasal Cartilages so as to enlarge the openings.

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