MYTH: I don’t think my big dog is happy living in the city. Should I give him away to a man who has a big farm/ranch? Where he will be happy? Living in the country is the safest place for him too, right? I am told that nothing bad could ever happen to him in the country, not like the city where if he ever got out of our yard he might get run over? Please tell me that he will be safe in the country.

FACT: Most large breeds of dogs need room to run and play. They require stimulating exercise, such as going to off lease areas in parks and long walks. Thus, many large breed dogs are not the happiest living so confined in the city. It is up to their owners to take the time to exercise them sufficiently.

It always sounds so good for a dog to be able to live free on a farm/ranch in the country. But with the country living comes many dangers too. The number one killer of country dogs is, being run over by the owners own farm machinery, followed by vehicles when they leave the property and go out onto roads. Number two causing deaths or extensive injuries is, being kicked or struck by horses, followed by cattle. Number three is being destroyed by the owner himself or irritated neighbor for chasing or harassing livestock. Also high on the list is serious run ins with porcupines, being poisoned by farm chemicals, rodent poisons and poisons placed out to get rid of nuisance animals such as fox, coyote and wolves. Also attacks by wildlife. Or Consuming bones from dead animals causing internal damage. And untreated heavy flea, lice or mange infestations.

So you see, I cannot tell you that he will be safe in the country, because many dangers abound.

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