Getting Rid of Skunk Smell

Myth: The only thing to get rid of the horrid smell when a skunk sprays your dog is tomato juice.

Fact: We now have on the market, several brands of odor neutralizers, some that work excellently. Such as "Skunk Off" or "Odormute". The main problem seems to lie in when and where the dog gets sprayed. When, is usually when the local vet clinic or pet store that carry such products are closed for the day or weekend. Or where is when you are no where near a place that sells pet products.
If your pet dog, cat, horse, anykind of pet gets sprayed it is often a direct hit in the facial area. If any spray hits the eyes, your first concern should be to flush the animals eyes with clean, tepid water. Gently here, don't use a forceful stream of water on any creatures eyes.
Now, for the neutralizer. If you don't have a brand name product on hand, then tomato juice worked into the hair coat and left on for a few minutes before rinsing off will work. No tomato juice on hand, then Coke or even Pepsi will work. Even toothpaste will work. But you must work it into the hair coat where the skunk spray hit and leave it on for a few minutes. Anything acidic like these items will work to some degree. Now the following homemade odor neutralizer works better than most other suggestions. Mix one quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 cup Baking Soda and one teaspoon of liquid laundry or dishwashing soap. Soak the hair coat with it, leave for five minutes, then give the dog a bath. Caution: Make only as much of this mixture as needed, do not attempt to store it ahead of time or afterwards.
You must apply your choice of solution to the spot on the dog that took the hit. You will have to apply more than once for some hair coats. Remember to never allow anything you are using to get into the animals eyes. Some people say that putting a few drops of Mineral Oil in the pets eyes first will help to protect them.
Oh, and do save some of your chosen stink remover, for removing the smell from your hands and/or clothes when you are finished with the animal.

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