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Our Human Food Versus A Proper Diet

Myth: My vet says that I have to stop feeding human food to my chubby little dog, because of health reasons. But, he would starve to death before eating any kind of dog food, that is how much he hates it.

Fact: Yes, I have come in contact with some wee furballs who had become so accustomed to human food, that they curl their lip up at any and all brands of dog food. But no dog will starve itself to death. Natural instinct for self preservation will take over and they will begin to eat dog food. The longest I have personally seen a healthy dog starve itself before going to the dish and eating was 48 hours. That particular dog soon discovered that she liked dog food so much that she began to guard her dish from the cats, other dog and her human family. It was cute to see, since she weighed only six pounds making even the cats twice her size.
Human food really is not good for dogs, unless a person is following an exact diet, complete with the necessary amount of protein, carbs., vitamins and minerals. Good brands of dog food already are formulated to give the dog everything he needs to be healthy.
The single most important dietary consideration in a long and healthy life is to prevent obesity. Obese dogs do not live as long as dogs fed to maintain their weight. Obese dogs have far more medical problems too. And human foods fed in excess causes obesity and many medical problems. One of those medical problems is tooth decay. Some dogs who are fed human food, will suffer tooth loss long before they reach middle to old age. If their teeth become to bad, they may not even be able any longer to eat dry dog food and canned dog food will have to be given. Crunching dry dog food is the healthiest choice for a dogs teeth.
Human food should never exceed 25% total of the daily ration fed. And no human food should be fed if it is causing obesity or related medical problems. Some human foods can cause bouts of diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach (vomiting), poor or loss of bone density, Kidney disease, Nutritional Secondary HyperparaTHYROIDism, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy and still to many more things to mention.
Because some dogs even being offered only 25% of their daily ration in human food will still turn their noses up at a quality brand of dog food. Then they should be cut completely off the human food so they will begin eating the other. Human foods that are safe in small amounts for dogs should never be greasy or have spices containing salt on them. PLAIN cooked cereals, rice, pasta, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese (not processed cheese slices), cooked carrots or green beans, cooked meats, (not processed meats)(no splintery bones either) can be fed in small amounts. Some dogs love a small piece of buttered toast, but this should be an only occasional treat. Of course any foods containing sugar are a no no. So once again, in order to get the correct ratio of protein, carbs., and vitamins and minerals, your pets need a good quality brand of dog food.

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