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Bathing Dogs Due To Allergies

MYTH: If you are allergic to dogs, bath them, as often as possible and that will help.

FACT: First about allergies. Are you allergic to the hair itself, the dander, (you know, eeek, I have dandruff), or perhaps the dogs saliva, when he licks you. This is why; some people are allergic to cats, but not dogs. Because cats continually lick their fur to clean themselves. Just petting the cat is exposing you to its saliva. Bathing the dog isn't going to help much with the saliva problem. In fact bathing the dog because of allergies, may do more harm then good. Dogs, even non shedding breeds who are bathed to often, especially if you don't rinse and rinse again to get every trace of shampoo off, will soon have a dandruff problem. Over bathing, will eventually also lead to increased hair loss, because of removing the natural oil from the dog's skin.

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