Allergic Reactions in Dogs From Vaccinations

There is a lot of HYPE out there right now on whether your dog needs to be vaccinated after it has recieved it's 3 Vaccinations as puppies, then perhaps once more in it's first year of life. I do not agree with this which is just my personal view. But honestly, I no longer vaccinate my old dogs. Or semi old dogs after 7 years of age simply because I KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN ALWAYS VACCINATED as puppies and then yearly as Adults. If you don't know for sure (as in getting an older adult dog without up to date Vet Records), then vaccinate them!!!

Pictures off the Internet of sudden Facial Swelling which can be Fatal
Same dog! Facial Swelling is prominant here. The dog is in sudden, life threatening Distress

I have had and have a lot of dogs and puppies. I have had "Allergic Reactions" to Vaccines. Look at these pictures here. The Allergic Reactions I have had over the years were IMMEDIATE!!! Within 20 minutes to an hour I noticed the obvious swelling in the dog or puppies face. Resulting in difficulty in breathing and severe distress. I imediately administered a drug to counter act the reaction such as "Epiclor" (other brand names associated with this for allergic reactions) and the pupppy or dog was then fine. BUT..................

Allergic reactions can be IMMEDIATE which I have expereinced or DELAYED which means the site of the Injection becomes inflamed, etc. Vomiting, Lethargic, not eating, etc. This is contributed to a delayed reation to the vaccine.

Some Puppies may have an Allergic reaction to their very first innoculation. Other may have it after recieving their second or third or more innoculations. Be careful, pay attention to your puppy/dog after ANY VACCINE given by a Vet or you or anyone!!!.

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