QUESTION: We are new, first time dog owners. We just got two dogs. And they SMELL? We can't seem to get rid of the way they smell so bad? We bath them all the time, but still they smell? Can you help us?

ANSWER: First is all pups/dogs smell to some extent. You need to realize that. You could be simply smelling absolutely NORMAL puppy/dog smell that you are not used too?

If they truly do smell awful, some reasons are the food they were eating before you purchased them, a coat or skin condition such a type of Dermatitis causing the smell or even problems with their Kidneys, Bladder, etc.

Other main reasons are infected ears, infected eyes or infected teeth. People tend to think the whole dog smells when it is just ears, eyes or teeth.

A thorough check up by the Vet is a must. The Vet will check their skin, hair, ears, eyes, teeth, anal glands and will do urine test and blood work-up to make sure they are not suffering from Kidney, Bladder, or other Internal Problem. The same Vet can prescribe a medicated shampoo if a skin problem or medication if an internal problem, and a correct diet. Do stop bathing them excessively, you will dry out the skin, removing essential skin oil called Sebum. See a Vet as soon as possible.

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