Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

DOG QUESTION: My 2 year old female dog was spayed at only 4 months old. I am sure that spaying her so young was stupid as it has caused her to be Incontinent. What can I do about this as I am tired of her leaking urine all over my house?

ANSWER: First, Incontinence after Spaying is caused by scar tissue (post-operative adhesions) and happens to some females no matter what age they are spayed. Most Vet's will not Spay a female puppy until 6 months of age as younger than that, more cases of their hearts stopping while under Anesthetic. Not because it causes the female to then be Incontinent.

Medications often help with the leakage of urine or a knowledgeable Veterinarian in Canine Surgery will be able to operate and remove the post-operative adhesions.
Now lets not forget some of the other causes of Incontinence besides of a result of scar tissue after Spaying.

(1) Hereditary/Congenital problems. One being, Incontinence from birth in which the the ureter joins the vagina instead of the bladder.

(2) Bladder Infection, please note that there is an element of "pain" and frequency.

(3) Obstructed Bladder, the dog is not able to empty it's full bladder, so the urine leaks out in small amounts and the dog dribbles urine.

(4) Hormone Deficiency, often called "Bed Wetting" as it happens while resting or sleeping. Usually seen with older/senior dogs that have been spayed and/or that have been neutered.

(5) Enlarged Prostate OR Prostatitis in males.

(6) Behavioral Incontinence, this is caused by Mental stress in the dog, not a Physical Reason. Here is the difference, no medication and no surgery can help this. Only by finding out what or knowing what is "Stressing" the dog and stopping that mental stress will help here.

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