Higheaster Too
26 year old registered AQHA mare
April 10/1982 to October 12/2008

Wy Bar Lady
30 year old registered AQHA mare
May 12/1978 to October 12/2008

I Heard Their Unspoken Words
And I listened to those words

And finally, "O My Master", when my useful strength is gone, do not turn me out to starve or freeze, or sell me to some cruel owner to be slowly tortured because they really don't care so I lay down in suffering and die. Do not sell me to those who would torture and kill me in a House Of Slaughter. But do thou, my Master, take my life in the kindest way. With you beside me so I know No Fear. Your GOD will reward you here and hereafter. You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this in the name of Him, Jesus, who was born in a Stable.

Last winter was extremely hard on my two old girls. No matter how good the feed, they were thin. Nothing more could be done for their aged teeth to make eating any kind of winter feed easy on them. They enjoyed there last summer on tall, lush green pasture. They bucked and ran and played like 2 year olds this last summer. As you can see from their pictures above taken only a month before, they were beautiful horses.
On top of their poor teeth problems, Easter was almost blind with an advancing eye disease and a large tumour on Lady's throat was growing. It was time................................

Easter and Lady were Humanely Euthanized together by a Veterinarian and buried side by side here in their favorite pasture. Because "I Heard Their Unspoken Words and I Listened To Those Words".

Together Forever

Special Thanks to Dr. Neil Cory, Jay Minor and Travis Minor for their help and support on that difficult day.
Gayle Bunney

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