"Mork" with just some of his prizes

"Mork" enjoying still another adventure


Son of "Ralph" and "Racey"

May 16/1998 to November 25/2009

Beloved adopted child of Ken and Judy Chan

Gibbons, Alberta, Canada

"Mork" was not a dog. He was a little boy in a fur coat. Ken and Judy went no where without their little boy. They travel quite extensively and Mork went everywhere with them. From British Columbia to Ontario and Quebec. To the North West Territories and to Church with them. Yes to Church too. He always behaved like the little Prince that he was.

Mork and his adoptive parents, Ken and Judy, went above and beyond doing fund raising for the Alberta SPCA and for ACTSS (Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society). They not only contributed themselves, they has sponsors and donations for the Alberta SPCA pouring in from others who knew and loved Mork.

I know for a fact that Mork had more costumes than any other kid his size and age ever!!! Judy made his costumes herself. Every kind of costume you ever thought of, Mork wore them with pride. Ken made Morks dog booties himself. Far better than any Store Bought ones.

Mork has gone over "The Rainbow Bridge" now. I had a chance to visit with Ken and Judy. They didn't lose JUST A DOG. They lost their child. Mork, Ken and Judy are in my prayers. Say a prayer for them if you will. Mork is gone but will never be forgotten by all of us who knew him.


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