3 good reasons to stay in touch with your puppies Breeder
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Four Breeders looking to produce Three main things in our puppies.  Three things.

HEALTH, HAPPINESS and HONESTY with our puppies.

Four dedicated breeders producing the "Best Of The Best".

From Purebreds to Crossbreeds (my favorite is crossbreeds), 2016 is looking to be an exciting year.

As the owner of the 4 Daddy Dogs of these puppies, I am so very proud of each and every puppy, not just the babies where I own the mothers. I am quite often the one who births the puppies,  raises the puppies and weans them.


(1)  As a Responsible, very  experienced Breeder, we will be their for you 24/7 for the life of your 4 legged Fur Ball.  By keeping in touch with us, we will help you not just raise and train your puppy, but many years later, we will help you understand your now elderly companion.

(2)  By staying in touch with us, we know if we are doing a good job in selecting marriages between each Daddy and Momma dog.  Simple if you think about it.  YOU TELL US!!!  You stay in touch and as your puppy grows into an adult, you tell us if any problems.Everything is carefully recorded and filed.  WE HELP YOU AND YOU HELP US!!!

(3) By staying in touch with us, we Learn.  No one is to old to learn.  We help you but you Teach us.  Please stay in touch.  As a Responsible Breeder we need to know how your puppy and then one day adult dog is doing.

And now 3 totally Favorite pictures of mine. My little girl "GIGI" first.  Spring time and her long hair had to go.  Second picture: Koren S and family bought her sister, a gorgeous girl and named her "JULIE".  Koren has stayed in touch.  Thank You Koren and family. And third picture.  Annie S and her family are the proud owners of their brother, "LEO" .  Luv you lots Annie and family.

They were born in January 2013 and Koren and Annie have been kind enough to stay in touch.  Bless them.  You see, now I can see Brother and Sisters and read the owners comments on them and am so PROUD of these now Adult dogs!!!

PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR PUPPIES BREEDER.  And if your puppy's breeder did not give you written information how to stay in contact with her forever, or a written Health Guarantee, you bought a puppy off a breeder who does not care like we do.  Thank You, Gayle
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